Residential Service

Home Invasion / Security Systems

Annually, millions of people fall victim to a property crime. We will provide you with a complete security solution that will protect your family or business from unwanted intruders. The system will be monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Video Surveillance

Security camera systems can be installed to assist in monitoring the residential areas by keeping your family and loved ones safe.


Car GPS can be used to find your vehicle if it was stolen, to know where your kids/employees are or have been (depending on the selected plan) and how fast they drive, etc.

Commercial Service

Access Control

Through an access management device, you can monitor traffic activities at the entry points of your business location on hourly or daily when access is authorized. This will allow you to monitor who is entering and exiting your secure areas. It will also eliminate access to non-public areas. Systems will be designed specifically for your business needs.

The access control system can be as simple as presenting your card/key to one of the readers, where the system will identify you and unlocks the door or deactivates the alarm system with a single action.

Monitoring - 24 hours

CIIS will protect your business through our 24 hour monitored alarm system. The monitoring station will notify you as well as dispatch the appropriate emergency response team to your business if the alarm is triggered. You can remain assured your business is safe when you are not there. Our monitoring station is ULC- approved.

Video Surveillance

The installation of a digital video system enables you to optimize your ability to observe what is going on at your place of business. Typically, video surveillance involves cameras arranged in strategic locations to record images for later consultation.

Video equipment acts as a deterrent from possible thefts against your property but also can be used to monitor employee and customer behavior.

Business intrusion / Security Systems

CIIS will protect your business against theft and intrusion. A system will be specifically designed to secure your business premises. We understand this is a fundamental concern of every business owner.

With the choice of your equipment and our high quality of installation based on an evaluation of your security needs, CIIS will provide you with an effective security system.